Hendersonville Ballroom Dance Club 

    the friendliest place around to dance and socialize

IMPORTANT CHANGE OF VENUE!!  WE HAVE MOVED OUR DANCE TO THE VFW, 900 N. Main in Hendersonville. Across from the high school and around the corner from Pop's Diner.  We are no longer going to dance at the Elks. Please join us at our new "home".

Paulette Cole teaches free classes for us before the dance from 6:30-7:30. The remainder of Feb. will be Fox Trot.

Regular dance at 7:30-10 with music by DJ Gary Bills. 


Do you know that our resident dance instructor, PAULETTE COLE, also teaches private classes and offers some of best rates in the area. Ask about a package of 4 for a discounted rate. She has quite a resume as a teacher and you'll acquire the skills you want a lot faster with a one on one (or with your partner) than in group classes. You also have the advantage of checking out her teaching style by taking the free group lessons that she offers before our regular dances. A number of the current members are currently students or have taken private lessons with her and will serve as references. Just ask us! 

Annual membership of $15  begins in January.   As a  member you pay $5 per dance instead of non-member $7. Membership will pay for itself in 8 dances so it might be worth it to you to join.

Thank you for all who have recently joined the club as well as our regular faithful members. All of you have brought up attendance and are helping keep the club going. 

                                                                                              HELP HELP HELP PLEASE!

We could use your help at set up and break down. Pat Smith is in charge of getting the refreshments and coffee out as well as manning the reception desk. Then she does the bookwork for the evening and starts breaking down and cleaning up. Paulette sets up the tables and chairs, before her class, and at the end of the evening she cleans the tables and rolls up all the table coverings. She does not get paid for that or for teaching.  Consequently it is always great to have members help out, particularly at the end of the evening many hands can get everything cleaned up and put away quickly!

Our dance club is open to the pubic.  We rent space from the Elks but you do not have to be an Elks member.
We have the large room on the main upstairs level with a WOOD FLOOR to dance on!!  It is the room near the restaurant and bar. You can come in the main entrance as well as a door, waaaay on the left of the main one, that leads directly into our new space. Now there is good lighting at the door to point the way!  Another plus is that the Elks recently voted to ban smoking indoors.  Sooo…no smoking, wood floor, larger space!  

New rules about alcohol. We can still bring our own wine and beer but any other liquor can/must be purchased in the Elk's bar and it must be purchased by a current member of the Elks. That would be our secretary, Deb Harris or Paulette. We can also order appetizers and food from the kitchen and have it in our dance room.  If you would like to become a member of the Elks, Deb has the information for you.

Admission $5 for members/$7 for non-members. Annual membership is $15.

Check frequently for updates and changes to the proposed schedule.

Regarding the lesson, Paulette reviews the basic steps with an emphasis on technique then she moves us into a sequence of steps which we repeat until we have a little routine. There is always time for questions and Paulette will patiently repeat the  move until we get it right. One of the great benefits to having Paulette stay and dance with us is that she will continue to help dancers with steps if they ask her. 

Also... don't be afraid to ask her out on the floor. She can be either follower or leader!

If you are a stranger to dance or otherwise curious about HBDC then we invite you to drop by on a Saturday night. If you are "just looking" and not dancing you won't pay the $7 admission. Singles, couples, dancers and beginners (we all were once!) are welcomedE