Hendersonville Ballroom Dance Club 

    the friendliest place around to dance and socialize

The Hendersonville Ballroom Dance Club is a non-profit social organization that provides regularly scheduled Dances (meetings) for its membership where Ballroom Dancing and Socializing are the primary activities. Additionally, HBDC works within the community to promote the activity of Social Ballroom Dancing.


The membership of HBDC is comprised of individuals (both couples and singles) from all parts of Western North Carolina that desire the opportunity to attend, on a regular schedule, a Social Ballroom Dance.  Members pay an annual membership fee which provides for a lower entrance dance fee. However, you do not need to be a member to attend a scheduled club dance.  All HBDC dances are open to the public at a slightly higher entrance dance fee.   


Membership brings with it the added benefit of having a voice in the way the club operates and the opportunity to serve on the HDBC Board of Directors.  If you attend regularly we highly recommend joining as a member.


 There are no membership limit restrictions and no individual shall be excluded from membership or restricted from attending any club dance, based on race, color, creed or sexual orientation.


 All HBDC dances are a smoke and alcohol free environment. Attendees are encouraged to bring a water or other soft drink.


Although proper appropriate dance attire is always expected of attendees, the HBDC dances are hosted in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. All attendees enjoy a social evening with good friends, good music and good dancing.